Friday, September 24, 2010

The habitat slowly comes together.

Everything seen below was originally purchased out of pocket but has since been covered by donations. It blows my mind but the world apparently demands to see brave individualist hamsters conquer the perilous depths. I'm in the process of tracking down a txt file of Atlas Shrugged so I can print it out using the wallet photo setting, which will give me pages small enough to fit the completed booklet inside of the habitat. To descend into the blue frontier means nothing if he takes the parasitic ideology of the looters with him~ >:OIt seems to keep water out like a champ [edit: for about two minutes] but only when I persistently blow into the tube. I still need that one way safety valve. I'm also waiting on the LED lights and the replacement air pump. Once it's all put together I'll head down to petsmart and pick up a suitably intrepid-looking hamster pioneer. Current suggested names include Atlas, Fontaine, Nemo, and Mega-Fucker Supreme.


  1. He will be penetrating the depths of the sea, so perhaps PENETRATOR would be a more fitting name for him.

  2. Dude how am I gonna tell women that I have a pet hamster named "PENETRATOR". >:I