Thursday, May 29, 2014

Human Hampture!

After his successful Biosub 1 experiment in 2005, marine biologist Lloyd Godson secured funding from National Geographic to do a Biosub 2 a giant aquarium at Legoland Germany. Sound familiar? Visitors could watch him go about (most) of the daily procedure of eating, exercising and so on, while he stayed down for 14 days to break a record. While there, he generated all of the electricity he needed to run his laptop, lights and other gear using the pedal bike. More significantly he did Biosub 1 out of his own pocket, and Biosub2 with National geographic funding. Unlike space, undersea habitation is possible to do with the kind of money you could get from kickstarter. Studying how he went about it would be a good idea for anyone who dreams of someday building their own little underwater vacation home.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Free idea:

I don't have the resources to pursue this in addition to Hampture, so I'm just giving it away: Fasten a small harness to the underside of a quadrotor, so that a chicken can experience the joy of flight. "Project: Arise, Chicken!"

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Generous donations!

I recently received two donations, one for $100 and the other for $40. With this I am only $60 short of buying the Delta enclosure! ($118 + $70 shipping) The two donors did not want to be identified, which I understand. I wonder how they'll explain this on their taxes.