Monday, July 23, 2012

There's a Tumblr site now.

Didn't want to, but it seems like the way to go lately.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hampture videogame?

I imagine it being exactly like Sub Culture, the 1997 game from Criterion Studios, with the sole addition of being able to build/expand your own colony with the money you accumulate.

Not too long ago I was making 3d models for a Farmville style game set underwater. My programmer just kind of stopped working on his side of it, so that never went anywhere. If I could get some committed programming talent who have experience working with Unity, a Hampture game could realistically happen.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mankind's ongoing conquest of the blue frontier

First off, Sea Orbiter has been fully funded and is partway through construction as we speak. It is scheduled to be launched in 2013. Sea Orbiter is a semi-submersible ocean going craft, most of which is underwater living/observation/laboratory space. The bottom two decks are pressurized to outside levels and accessible from the decks above it by airlock. This allows divers to freely enter and exit 60 feet down through a moon pool. The pressurized deck also includes a submersible hangar, such that a deep diving sub can be deployed regardless of choppy surface conditions.

This is pretty much the Sea Quest DSV, except partially above water. It'll travel the oceans and give scientists the same saturation diving capability as Aquarius, but mobile.

 Meanwhile, China's nationalized deep sea mining outfit is constructing a 33 man deep sea mining station. This will be only the second 1atm underwater habitat in history, the first to be nuclear powered, the first to house so many people simultaneously, and the second to be capable of deploying submersibles (the first was Conshelf 2).

(Not an actual artist's impression, but consistent with the description as a "sea station" that does not rest on the ocean floor but rather hovers partway down.)

 Next up, Brazil's oil giant Petrobarras is looking to revolutionize deep water drilling and avoid both the potential for a BP style spill and the ongoing wear and tear on floating oil rigs that are exposed to the weather by designing "underwater cities", mostly automated ocean floor oil rigs that robotically manage the process of drilling, and tending to the well itself in the event of a leak. As this will be in very deep water, the only habitable spaces will presumably be very small, spherical, and permit engineer access in the event of some malfunction that requires direct access.

Other companies share these plans, and have already begun constructing seafloor rigs in the Arctic to avoid the severe storms on the surface:

 Other deep sea mining initiatives, some nationalized and some private, continue development with Nautilus Minerals already on site in Papau New Guinea preparing to begin mineral extraction.

 Kampachi Farms has acquired Kona Blue and will be expanding their undersea farming operation to include numerous new geodesic enclosures:

Applying the farming techniques used on land to the ocean will spare it from trawling and other destructive practices while greatly multiplying it's food output. It's also potentially a great application for ambient pressure shallow water habitats as worker housing.

The recent explosion in high profile undersea projects is completely consistent with my expectations. As we find ourselves increasingly in need of resources that are running low on land we'll inevitably turn to the seafloor, a landmass larger than all continents combined, with untouched preindustrial densities of precious metals and potential to feed the world through aquaculture. Space is unquestionably our future, but it looks like the ocean is our present. And it will have to be; Only by moving into the ocean and becoming inhabitants of it will we gain a direct stake in it's preservation. The NIMBY principle, as applied to oceanic conservation, may be what saves our seas.

Monday, July 16, 2012

New habitats, fish, coral and plants

I've got some new habitat designs, built to the third gen standard like Hamlab Alpha and the aquabubble so they can be used permanently in the aquarium without issue. I'm also planning to add fish, coral and plants soon. However all of these things cost money and I'm pretty broke at the moment. It'll happen, eventually, with or without help but it'd happen a lot faster if some of you could kick a few bucks my way.

[ Edit: Thank you for the $20 donation! I've just gone out and purchased rocks, plants and a suckerfish to help keep the algae under control, and they are all added, go check out the Ustream channel!. It won't, however, cover any additional fish. Those will have to wait.]

[Edit: There's been a $25 donation. I'll use this to buy more fish. Any specific kinds you'd like to see?]

Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is what overgrowth looks like.

I got some questions by email that were like "How could plants get so out of control that you need to remove a habitat for maintenance?" Well, like this. It turns out moist, higher pressure air is a really good growth environment.

It's a jungle in there. This bodes well for undersea agriculture.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

God damnit, Kickstarter.

I'm becoming genuinely rumpflustered over this. If you'll recall they rejected my application to kickstart Hampture as a consumer product, as well as a cheaper recreational diving helmet for use in lakes/pools.

Apparently a year ago, a Kickstarter page....for a board game....succeeded hugely and the creator pocketed $7,840 raised by it. And didn't release the game. Her explanation?

  "Ever since about December, I've been harassed by a voice that is claiming to be the sun, and its been attacking me and harassing me almost every hour of the day. Voice says: "The sun doesn't want you to publish Katalyka, because it wants to be almost exactly LIKE Katalyka, but it keep it all a secret. If you publish your game, it is going to let people in on too many secrets." (paraphrasing)" "The question comes up... does the Earth actually NEED such a huge electromagnetic field? I know that question might scare people who have not started to really process what it means to be in a living Universe... but everything that we consider "bad effects of radiation" are really only "opinions" of those materials... So if we do get our planet to align its mindset with the Sun, then there may actually be no reason at all to worry about "radiation" and it simply becomes more energy that we can interact with."

I just...I dunno if I can figure out how not to be mad about this. All I want is #1. Hampture as a hobby product anyone can buy, and #2. To bring the price for recreational diving helmets down from $5,000 to under $500 so more people can try it out.

 But no, they reject that and instead approve schizophrenics who don't release board games because the sun is concerned that playing said board game will reveal forbidden secrets to the public.

 If you need me, I'll be in my anger dome.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

UStream channel online (for now)

Still trying things out, can't guarantee it'll be up 24/7. Mainly, it's running on my nice laptop right now and must at some point be switched over to my shitty laptop once I get that working again. Fish and plants are on the way, as donations permit.
Free live streaming by Ustream Channel link here. EDIT: Brief downtime of perhaps 3 or 4 hours today (July 8th) need my laptop for something else.

Three months of underwater hamstery.

They're enjoying an on-land vacation atm, but soon it's back in the water; thanks to a recent donation I've got a water filter now, so the tank is ready for fish, and I've received an old laptop for use as a livestream server, meaning I'll soon be able to (at long last) set up that 24/7 live feed.