Monday, July 16, 2012

New habitats, fish, coral and plants

I've got some new habitat designs, built to the third gen standard like Hamlab Alpha and the aquabubble so they can be used permanently in the aquarium without issue. I'm also planning to add fish, coral and plants soon. However all of these things cost money and I'm pretty broke at the moment. It'll happen, eventually, with or without help but it'd happen a lot faster if some of you could kick a few bucks my way.

[ Edit: Thank you for the $20 donation! I've just gone out and purchased rocks, plants and a suckerfish to help keep the algae under control, and they are all added, go check out the Ustream channel!. It won't, however, cover any additional fish. Those will have to wait.]

[Edit: There's been a $25 donation. I'll use this to buy more fish. Any specific kinds you'd like to see?]

1 comment:

  1. Hamster friendly fish such as the calico telescope goldfish.