Tuesday, July 10, 2012

God damnit, Kickstarter.

I'm becoming genuinely rumpflustered over this. If you'll recall they rejected my application to kickstart Hampture as a consumer product, as well as a cheaper recreational diving helmet for use in lakes/pools.

Apparently a year ago, a Kickstarter page....for a board game....succeeded hugely and the creator pocketed $7,840 raised by it. And didn't release the game. Her explanation?

  "Ever since about December, I've been harassed by a voice that is claiming to be the sun, and its been attacking me and harassing me almost every hour of the day. Voice says: "The sun doesn't want you to publish Katalyka, because it wants to be almost exactly LIKE Katalyka, but it keep it all a secret. If you publish your game, it is going to let people in on too many secrets." (paraphrasing)" "The question comes up... does the Earth actually NEED such a huge electromagnetic field? I know that question might scare people who have not started to really process what it means to be in a living Universe... but everything that we consider "bad effects of radiation" are really only "opinions" of those materials... So if we do get our planet to align its mindset with the Sun, then there may actually be no reason at all to worry about "radiation" and it simply becomes more energy that we can interact with."

I just...I dunno if I can figure out how not to be mad about this. All I want is #1. Hampture as a hobby product anyone can buy, and #2. To bring the price for recreational diving helmets down from $5,000 to under $500 so more people can try it out.

 But no, they reject that and instead approve schizophrenics who don't release board games because the sun is concerned that playing said board game will reveal forbidden secrets to the public.

 If you need me, I'll be in my anger dome.




  2. That is ridiculous. Did they offer reasons for rejecting the proposals? Did you make said proposals separately? Maybe if you can explain more, they'll be more receptive?

    There's a contact link on Kickstarter, maybe try that. Because I would absolutely buy a Hampture-branded diving helmet.

  3. Also, your next project needs to feature an "anger dome."

  4. Enemies of objectivism (and insane board game developers apparently) are all around us, Hampture guy. Don't fret, the Hamsters will overcome! Also, stupid question, but have you researched IndieGogo and other funding platforms?

  5. Have you tried pitching these ideas to indiegogo.com? It's a site similar to kickstarter. Maybe they would be more open with your ideas.

  6. An "anger dome" would be a great kickstarter project. Also, I think that ANGERDOME would be a great boardgame. I'm not sure whether its the "dome" or the "anger" part that turns me on most...

  7. Of course they didn't go for the idea... you can't market people having pets like that?!? Come on, there's loads of reasons for that, which if you don't know then its even worse that you think that there is a market for that type of thing other. Other then research and own entertainment (which is damn wrong!) I can not see what this is all about. Sorry but that's my take on it.