Sunday, July 1, 2012

UStream channel online (for now)

Still trying things out, can't guarantee it'll be up 24/7. Mainly, it's running on my nice laptop right now and must at some point be switched over to my shitty laptop once I get that working again. Fish and plants are on the way, as donations permit.
Free live streaming by Ustream Channel link here. EDIT: Brief downtime of perhaps 3 or 4 hours today (July 8th) need my laptop for something else.


  1. Thank God it summer so I can watch this all the time.

  2. thats a really small cage :[

  3. I hear you Qwerty, but if you go check out Habitrail Ovo cages they are about the same size. It looks/seems smaller at least in part because it's underwater, which gives everything a sort of claustrohopbic feeling.

    The running wheel, both in the underwater habitat and their cage on land, is intended to make up for that. It gives them effectively infinite room to exercise, making a larger habitat pointless. Rest assured, as hamsters are burrowing creatures in the wild who live mainly in cramped subterranean burrows, this isn't uncomfortable for them.