Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good news, bad news

Bad news: The air pump shipped to the wrong address. Holy shit. I literally cannot even put a hamster three feet underwater without some crucial aspect of my plan going wrong. This must be why I was turned down for that NASA administrative position. They're shipping me another one but won't spring for expedited delivery because they are greedy little shitgoblins so it'll be another week until I have it.Good news: The habitat shell arrives tomorrow, and I've almost got enough in donations to buy the automotive air compressor I'll be using for the Mk2 habitat's bouy! Even so the maximum depth I'll be able to sink it is ten feet. But that's pretty deep for a small mammal habitat. I'm gonna need some swim goggles and a well thought out excuse should anyone stop and ask why I'm swimming in the community lake.

By the way, definitely stop by the Minecraft server. I love talking to you guys about this stuff. I have other projects going on too that I won't discuss here, but that I'd be happy to tell you about ingame.


  1. You probably know this already, but automotive air compressors which are designed to drive air tools often use an oil feed via the air line itself to lubricate itself and any moving parts in the tool. If you are using one of that type, you will need an oil trap in the line unless you want greased hamsters.

  2. Just a small setback, I'm sure everything will be fine!

  3. Plett: For normal automotive air compressors that is true. However, the portable unit I'm looking at does not use oil lubricant. It's battery powered, about the size of a small briefcase, meant to be used for roadside emergencies.

    And if it turns out that the integrated compressor is unusable for whatever reason I can make use of a deep water aquarium pump plugged into it.

    The main reason I need it isn't the integrated compressor, y'see. It's a portable, compact battery pack with built in inverter at a reasonable price. Lots of neat things you can do with something like that.