Monday, September 20, 2010

Gmod and Minecraft 'clubhouse' servers

Having given it about as much "carefully considered thought" as I give anything, and as I already host a Minecraft server (on an undersea colony map no less) it makes sense to tie it into the blog. As someplace those following it can gather and intelligently discuss hamsterkind's brave future beneath the waves, by which I mean grief the shit out of the map and make Bioshock jokes.It's restored from a backup copy any time I reset the server, so don't worry about damage. It isn't up 24/7 but you can rely on it being online in the evenings. Unless you live in the southern US, expect there to be lag. You may also disconnect from time to time. Don't sweat it, Minecraft's still in alpha and I do need to take the server down to reset the map now and then, just keep trying to reconnect.


A Gmod server using a custom map is also in the very early stages. Once complete it will supplement the Minecraft server as a sort of online gathering place for goofing off and discussing the particulars of life underwater. Or building rocket powered bathubs and beating each other to death with crowbars. Either way. Think of it as Second Life but with something to do besides build virtual dog dicks.

It's more effort than I originally planned on putting in, but because I've recieved a pretty generous donation recently, I'm motivated to put something extra into the project and make it more engaging. I'll hang out in the server from time to time as well in case any of you want to talk to me directly.


  1. I'd pay a visit if Minecraft wasn't written in the crime against humanity disguising as a programming language JAVA and was doing all kinds of crazy shit to my computer at the moment, but .. there's always tomorrow.

    Best of luck, you sick fuck.

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