Friday, May 18, 2012

Out of money.

Unfortunately things are a bit tight right now and I can't afford to continue this or any other project out of pocket. The latest part, the aqua sphere, I have about 75% of the needed parts for. Three out of the four main habitats for Phase 1 are complete. That's where things stand, I'll wait on donations and hopefully resume construction on the aqua sphere and fourth habitat soon.


  1. Could you ballpark how much money you need?

  2. To finish the aquasphere, about $10 would do it.

    I'd also like a proper aquarium to put the habitats in for a livestream channel. I've found a very large one, used, for $65.

    If there is to be a fourth habitat, I'll need roughly $50 to complete it.

    Finally, I will at some point need more hamsters to occupy the new habitats. Six in total, at $12 per hamster that's $72.

    I'm doing as much of this with 'found items' as possible but there are some things that need to be bought, and doing anything underwater (even on this scale) is a little costly.