Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aquasphere complete

Due to a much appreciated pair of $5 donations, I've been able to quickly complete the Aquasphere. If I can't raise funds for a fourth proper habitat, I may simply deploy aquasphere along with the three I do have, although not for as long a duration as the Aquasphere is more of a bathyscaphe than a habitat and not equipped with the amenities or leg room needed for comfortable long term habitation. Even so it's everything I could've hoped for. It can be used either as an ambient pressure or (for the first time!) 1atm system owing to the strength of the shape and materials (As well as the excellent seal provided by the twin silicone O-rings) it is perfectly neutrally buoyant with a hamsternaut inside, and it vaguely resembles an underwater pokeball. :3

As you can see in the last pic, because it relies on the weight of the silica gel litter to remain upright, it tends to tilt a little bit as the occupant moves around, because that shifts the center of gravity. As the Aquasphere is intended to be carried by hand, this is not a serious issue, although because I am someone that's anal retentive about precise ballasting it does bug me a little bit.

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