Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kickstarter rejection

I guess that's that. They also rejected the low cost solar/battery powered diving helmet. I appreciate the suggestions to use this site but it doesn't seem like they'll accept any of my projects.


  1. I looked at their requirements and I'm pretty sure underwater hamster objectivism based settlements fill each and every one.

    Its obvious those people are all like socialists or what ever philosophy is opposed to objectivism.

    Those bastards wont stifle progress.

  2. Sad to hear that man. Your projects are amazing and unique. Keep at it :)

  3. Was what you said on diy yesterday true? Are you going to shut everything down? I'm hoping it was a troll.
    And if it IS real, would you provide an archive of your blog? I love the info on it.

  4. No Sam, it's been resolved. I reasoned with the troll and he turned out to be a good person after all, as is often the case.

  5. Go to indiegogo man. They let you fund anything.