Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lake habitat

With all this focus on the new aquarium I thought I'd show some designs for a larger, domed habitat intended to be used in natural bodies of water. It's 16 inches in diameter and too large for the aquarium but just about perfectly sized for an easy to transport, easy to deploy lake hab. With a diameter of 1.3 feet it'll be the largest yet, which seems to be the trend in my designs lately. Whatever winds up being the fourth habitat for aquarium use will need to at least fit in it. Of course, since the dome unit alone costs $100 it may be a while before I can begin work on this.


  1. Would this habitat also be over-pressurized? I assume here you apply the similar strategy, in this case bleeding excess air out the top?

  2. Bingo. It only needs to exit out the bottom if it's a diving bell design like Hamlab 2. If it's fully enclosed and well sealed like Hambase Alpha the exhaust can be anywhere, ideally the furthest point from the fresh air inlet so the internal atmosphere is thoroughly mixed around and refreshed, and CO2 pockets don't form.