Friday, October 22, 2010

Hampture Mk. III.

Well, I've gone ahead and purchased the large Lexan drybox that will house the running saucer. Combined with the other similar enclosure I bought ages ago I will soon have three. Rather than let the smaller one go to waste, I'm going to skip straight ahead to a three-enclosure habitat!As you can see the weighted base will leave room for two additional enclosures to be added at a future date. But even with three enclosures, I believe it will be more than large enough to accommodate a second hamster, whom I have decided to name "Hamdrew Ryan".

The final five-enclosure 'city' will house four hamsters total. The additional two will be named "Ratlas" and "Nomtaine" unless someone suggests names I like better.


  1. I am Handrew Ryan, and I'm here to ask you a question.
    Is a hamster not entitled to the fur on his head?
    "no" says the hamster in Washington, it belongs to the poor.
    "no" says the hamster in the Vatican, it belongs to Hamgod.
    "no" says the says the man in Moscow, it belongs to all!
    I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose...


    A city where hamster would not fear the hand,
    Where the scientist would not be bound by the petty morals,
    Where the great would not be constrained by the poor,
    where the Hamster would not fear eating their own young!

    And by the fur on your head, Hampture can become your cage as well.

  2. but but
    hamsters are aggressive and will fight

  3. Hmm, true. Yet they kept several hamsters in the same tank at the pet store without trouble. What's their secret, I wonder.

  4. Suppose they had them together since birth

  5. So purchase them all from the same tank.
    And make mini shock collars.

  6. Wow, exciting!
    What's the camera set up for this enclosure?

  7. They could develop hostility. I've had two hamsters suddenly attack each other after a period of peace. They were sisters from the same brood too. Had to separate them into individual cages because the fighting got bad.

  8. Falsicial: Still gonna pre-record footage, but I intend to buy much more compact video recorders, each the size of a package of gum. This gives the hamsters more room, and multiple cameras means I can cut the footage in editing to 'follow' them from room to room.

    I'd like to have live streaming webcams, but I'd need a 4G mifi and at least one IP camera. The monthly fee would be $60. A steep price just so people can watch the hamsters live, instead of a little bit later, right?

  9. Sounds pretty spiffy!
    Streaming webcam doesn't seem worth it; I would much rather watch the highlights anyway.