Saturday, October 2, 2010

Enclosure arrives!

And having tested it in the bathtub, it's watertight as all hell. After checking about fifty times to make sure I didn't get my cock in the shot, I uploaded this video to simulate what it will be like from the hamster's point of view:

I'm holding it down by the edges to demonstrate that I don't have to hold the lid or anything, it really is watertight as advertised, and rated for 100 feet deep. As I'll only be submerging it 8 feet (perhaps 7 to be safe?) I have complete confidence in this thing.

Next up I'll need a power drill, so I can drill some holes for the aquarium air hoses. I'm considering two adjacent holes, one where I insert the tube till it touches the other end of the enclosure and another for a tube that barely pokes in; that way the air will have to traverse the entire interior as it's used, and the air delivery/return hoses will be close enough together where they exit the enclosure that I can wrap them around each other/tape them together into a single umbilical.


  1. Awesome. Have you considered a hamsters insatiable desire to chew? You might have to glue some gauze over air holes ect, so he doesnt drown his little self.

  2. Yeah, I'll definitely stick some chew toys in there with him. Probably the ones with honey/seeds so as to act as a sort of slow release food source.

  3. W-wait... you shot this video naked?
    Are you going to make those poor hamsters look at your willy?

    Anyway, that enclosure looks like it'd take whatever little pressure you're gonna deal with, just make sure you seal the tubes up really good (and probably put redundant seals, like some modeling clay after whatever you're using, just to be super safe.)

  4. Science is best done while naked.