Friday, April 25, 2014

Hambase Delta

This is my design for a new habitat based around the largest transparent acrylic drybox that I am aware of. At the time Hambase Alpha was built, the case it uses was the largest available, but since then I've discovered a yet larger one, seen here.

As you can see, there is roughly twice the interior space as Hambase Alpha, but no wheel. This is because Delta is not intended to be a standalone habitat. It will be the first habitat designed around modularity, using the gate valve and flexible tube joining system described here. This will allow me to connect it to Hambase Alpha, as seen in the diagram below:

This will satisfy the two main requests I've had from people following this project: More living space for the hambros, and multiple habitats connected by tubes. The resulting pair of connected habitats will have a running wheel, two water bottles, a considerably improved electric heater pad which covers nearly the whole floorspace of Hambase Delta's floor 1, three different 'rooms' to occupy, more room for food, in all ways ideal conditions for very long underwater stays. Hypothetically once I've proven the linking tunnel system it will be possible to connect any number of habitats. I just don't have the money for that. Or even for 2. I have so far received $30 in donations towards this, which is enough to buy one ballast pod without weights and a water bottle.

If I can eventually managed to built this 2 hab assembly, I am satisfied with it. It has everything I think is necessary for safety, comfort and ample living space for long periods, it realizes the Hampture concept without sacrificing or compromising anything and it's a complete demonstration of a generalized modular habitat system that anyone interested in doing so can replicate for their own use. I would, when this is complete, point a webcam at it and livestream the hambros going about their undersea lives 24/7 like I did last year. 

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