Sunday, February 19, 2017

Need a new air pump

Hamsters are fine. Aquarium pumps typically don't fail "all at once", they just suddenly become much weaker for a while before actually failing. I noticed the bubble stream from the habitat was greatly reduced, down to just a meager trickle of small bubbles every few seconds.
 Because it's already like 15x the flow rate a single hamster requires, Scott was fine. It was just my cue to take him out of the water and go shopping for a new pump. This one has really lasted me a long-ass time. Here is the one I was using. It's expensive but the battery backup feature is a must, given that it's life-critical.

 I actually don't have two land cages, so George and Scott will need to cohabitate while I build a second one. I could use some donations for that new pump if any of you are feeling flush. I could rush out and buy a cheap normal air pump from petco, but the specific features of this battery backup model are really necessary for a project of this nature.

EDIT: Nope, they began fighting immediately when placed together. Evidently I need to drop what I'm doing and build a second enclosure right this minute. Oh well.

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  1. holy shit have you been doing this since 2010 ?! I've kept reading your updates all the time