Thursday, January 28, 2016

On a lighter note

It looks like one of those ambitious underwater hotel projects will actually happen finally. It's being backed by someone with the necessary wealth, who is a credible figure also associated with the Lunar X-Prize, and who appears personally driven to put human beings underwater for the purpose of improving ecological awareness.

"It will sit 8.5 meters (28 feet) below the surface of the water, and remarkably, it can even move to avoid storms—it’s not just underwater; it’s mobile! The hotel will be moving from one location to another and has even invited every Caribbean island nation to register and provide a mooring locations for the hotel. Interestingly, the hotel is technically classed as a vessel, because it can navigate ocean waters using electromechanical propulsion technology to seek shelter under its own power in the event of a hurricane.
Each room will be air-conditioned and have WiFi.
The project is being funded by Tony Webb, a space tourism entrepreneur who is also backing the SYNERGY MOON project, which is competing for The Google Lunar X Prize to get a robot to the moon. The new underwater hotel is part of Webb’s larger philanthropic plan of restoring coral reefs worldwide."

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