Thursday, August 28, 2014

Preparing to buy lexan skylight for enclosure lid

Just returned from one month vacation to Minnesota. Much of which I spent at the bottom of a lake:

The helmet 'lives' at the lake cabin now as that's really the only place I have easy access to both a large body of water and nearby grid power for the compressor. If I ever put together what I need for the vast modular colony of 100+ hambros I'm envisioning it will necessarily be in that lake, receiving power for the air compressors and heating pads (and lights?) from the cabin.

The 200 feet of air hose let me get far enough from shore that I was perhaps 20 feet down, and it was very serene just to set up a chair down there, sit in it and wait for the initial disturbance to settle so that marine life would resume its normal routines around me. Despite the poor vis I had a number of fish come right up to me, presumably too baffled by my presence to be frightened. Had some very interesting thoughts down there, and saw some troubling shadows.

Will resume work on new habitat shortly, stay tuned.

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