Friday, January 24, 2014

Do any of you live in Oregon and have a body of water on your property?

...And do you want an underwater hamster city in it?

It must be at least 8 feet deep, relatively good visibility (Not muddy water) and have nearby access to grid power and wifi (for webcam streaming). This means within reach of an extension cord, so no more than a few hundred feet maximum. If the wifi won't reach that far I can supply a directional signal booster that should do the trick.

The deal is that if I'm going to build a permanent modular colony, I'll need someplace to put it that is on privately owned land with access to the infrastructure it will need to stay under for good. It will be using some small amount of your electricity and bandwidth. We can discuss compensation but ideally participation in this project and having an underwater hamster city in your back yard is what you get out of it. I would visit monthly or bi-monthly, to dive down to the colony in order to add more hamsters and restock it with food/water.

If you find these conditions agreeable and have a body of water on your property that's suitable, please take pictures of it and post them in the comments along with your zip code. If it looks good, I'll contact you for more specific info.

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