Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hamlab IV

Structure 2 of 4 that will comprise the first actual multi-structure 'city', Hamlab IV (better name pending) has two individual sleeping quarters and a large shared atrium with transparent dome cieling and an interior water supply (for a later experiment in refilling the water bottle while the habitat is submerged.) Pardon the water droplets, it was filled with plastic shavings after I finished the outer shell and I've just washed it out. Below I've included the concept illustration, a photo of the work in progress habitat alone, next to the completed Hamlab II for comparison, and then a side shot to show the view through the sleeping pod's window. In keeping with the new design philosophy, each occupant has a private space to themselves, and the overall size/weight does not make it difficult to transport/deploy. However I did choose the "multiple linked modules" because of a commenter's observation that single-structure habitats aren't as fun to watch because there aren't any tunnels for the hamsternauts to go through. I'll try to include such tunnels and multiple modules on the next habitat as well. Together with the Mk. IV, Hamlab II and whatever the fourth building is, the completed city will house nine hamsters in total. That can be increased to thirteen with the addition of another air pump and two more habitats, as the battery pack has three outlets in total, but the initial city will have four buildings.

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