Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lloyd Godson, marine biologist and fellow member of the Atlantica Expeditions, has already constructed and deployed two underwater habitats; Biosub 1 and Biosub 2. He broke records in both, won a National Geographic $50,000 award, but now he wants to share his experience living underwater with the next generation of mini-seabros. 

 This new habitat will be much larger, and intended for education. Kids from local schools will be able to visit and learn about the fresh water marine ecosystem, and man's future living underwater. The station will be the headquarters of its mascot, an undersea superhero named 'Tik' and his fish sidekick 'Bubbles'. By giving potential future marine scientists their first taste of living under the sea, their imaginations will run wild with the possibilities it presents, ones which they might not otherwise have considered. And if even a few go on to be influential, wealthy, powerful, etc. it could help advanced the field. Click the link above and then vote for his proposal by clicking the 'like' icon to the right. If his proposal wins, it will be fully funded and construction can begin. Everyone vote, let's make this shit happen!

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