Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mission 1 complete.

Here's the video:

Everything went about as well as I could expect. Leaving them unattended overnight was nerve wracking but upon opening the habitat I found them sleeping piled on top of one another like nothing was amiss. They're now chilling in their tank awaiting new adventures. :3

Some things I want to fix for next time: The room 2 camera is pitifully low resolution, I apologize for this. I thought it would look better when I ordered it. I've already bought a higher resolution (640*480) replacement that is nearly as compact. I can't use a regular digicam because it takes up too much space, the hamsters need elbow room. But I think the new camera will be ideal, and if so I plan to buy more so in the next video we can get footage from every room rather than just two.

The battery pack read 20% when I found it, so longer missions are probably possible, but I think 24 hours is about as long as I'd consider deploying the habitat in this configuration. Eventually I'd like to upgrade the habitat and install it in a pond out back which I need to clean up a lot first. When that happens I can connect it to grid power and leave it down for a week at a time, with a livestream you guys can watch.

All in all, a fairly successful mission. And it began on the same day as the latest Aquarius mission, Neemo 15. Incidentally, by the official definition of aquanaut (one who lives in an underwater habitat for 24 hours) my hamsters are now genuine aquanauts.


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  2. whats your thoughts on an external camera view?

    Although its unlikely to see much of what's going on, all of the rooms are clear, so it may help with tracking the hams.

    Also, it just helps people to see the expansiveness of where the brave aquanauts are, and the harshness of their surroundings. Not to mention, possible wildlife sightings.

  3. like so

  4. I probably will try something like that, yes. But I can't be certain whether or not it will show anything beyond murky water. Visibility in lake water is very poor.

  5. you think a ratture might be a good idea? i mean, they are very smart creatures, and would grasp the concept better.

  6. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. You do mankind proud with your glorious pursuit of mad science.

  7. an idea. why dont you use the algae along side wih the clovers? maybe a small water drip to water the algae, and bam! you dont need as many bottles, and the ham hams have a small supply of food.