Monday, October 31, 2011

Hampture Mk. 2.6 complete

As you can see I've changed it quite a bit since 2.5. I think I'm happy with it now and this will remain its final configuration. It has an electrically heated floor, two observation towers, an integrated water bottle, and it's divided into heated ad non-heated sections so the hamsters can regulate their ow temperature by moving between them as needed. Damp soil handles the waste via microbial action, the pump is doubly redundant and backed up by batteries in the event of a power failure, and I plan to add an uninterruptable power supply to add an extra layer of safety. As it is now, it's sufficient for missions between one and four weeks long. It's a nice milestone and a good size/weight habitat for frequent use (Mk.3 was much too big and heavy) so I think I'll use this one for the upcoming 24/7 ham-cam livestream channel. A youtube video will be coming shortly.