Thursday, March 29, 2018

Good news: I now live very close to multiple natural bodies of water.

We have a choice of a river:

...or a wetland: 

The wetland has still water but the water in the river has better visibility, and moves very slowly anyway. Of the two, I think the wetland is a more secure site where the surface life support machinery for the habitats is less likely to be discovered.

I also now own a large enough lithium battery and set of solar panels to power the air compressor non-stop in perpetuity. I'm exploring some kickstarter funded portable water turbines as well, as a possible auxiliary source of current if I choose to emplace habitats in the river. More on that later.

1 comment:

  1. River. That would be your best option. You could evaluate how even slowly-moving water currents would affect the Hampturian civilization as a whole. Also it’s important to save the wetlands.

    You know, the mob has to have somewhere to dump all the bodies.