Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big update

I got my live culture of algae in the mail sometime back and it's been growing in the main jug ever since. Why buy algae you ask? As it turns out if you just scoop up some pond water you're getting tons of different organisms which in fact compete with the algae and impact its ability to efficiently generate oxygen. With a pure supply and a sealed jug (air is bubbled in via aquarium pump) I can ensure that the only thing growing in there is what I intended for.Once the main jug is sufficiently dense with algae I can pour some into each of the smaller bottles. Keeping a large healthy backup population prevents me from having to start over with the cultivation process if something happens to the bioreactor system.

Next, I scouted the precise location from which Hampture Mk.III will be deployed. As you can see there's an island near the center of the lake, with a steep dropoff into the water that should permit me to get Hampture in quite deep water without needing an absurdly long umbilical.Below you can see the fallen log which acts as a bridge to the island. This makes it inaccessible enough that I can confidently hide the surface support gear in the brush to one side of the island and feel fairly certain that it won't be found.Finally, here's the view from the island itself.Hampture Mk.III will be perhaps fifteen feet from shore and 7 feet down. It will be in water 8 feet deep, but propped up off the pond bottom on cinderblocks which will also serve as weights to keep it from floating. It's surprisingly difficult to keep any significant quantity of air trapped underwater, but I've factored that into the design. Once I have those weights attached, as well as a water filter for the drinking intake, it will be time to deploy.


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  2. This propably is the most interesting website I've found in a year. Or two. I'll try and make a donation as soon as I get money.

    There are two things I'm concerned about. First, the water filter for the drinking water. Is it a sponge of some sort? As I have an aquarium, I know that the filter gets clogged faster than you'd expect, so how are you going to prevent this?
    Secondly, how do you stop your hamsters from overeating all of the food in too short of a time period, and then starving without food?

  3. The water filter is Brita, and I've attached the part of the water bottle it normally screws into to the habitat water intake. This will let me freely exchange the clogged water filters for new ones as necessary.

    As for the food, the solution right now is simply to supply an enormous surplus, such that they cannot eat all of it in the time that they are submerged.

  4. I had completely forgotten about this blog! Glad that I checked up on it. Looks like you've made amazing progress.

    Any plans for there to be a live hamster cam in the final version?

  5. Yes, a camera has already been installed. Check earlier posts. Sadly it won't be live, as I cannot get wifi in such a location. I am however planning a live hampture Mk.II cam soon, as I have it in a fish tank.

  6. have you tried to see if something like 4G works in such a location?

    hmm, seems kinda pricy.


    God's speed sir.
    Your madness would know no rival, lest I had funding myself.

    You do all us visionaries proud.