Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More progress to report!

With the help of a local blog follower I was able to get the platform, bolts and waterproof wood sealant I needed. I've got the holes for the screws drilled in the enclosures, preparing to bolt them down. After that, I'll apply silicone sealant around the tunnel rims and affix weights to the platform. That's basically it.Behind it: The plastic shelf I was trying to use beforehand. No place to screw things down, and not quite big enough, but it would've been cool looking. Ah well.

I have about ten days until I move cross-country. I can't deploy the habitat in such cold water, but I can have it shipped to where I'm moving and wait for warmer weather while I build the interior elements (like the clover garden). Nice to be moving forward, anyway.


  1. Two sites for cheap parts are and
    You can also go to for good deals on things to use in this project.
    As for a 25 foot USB cable for the electronics, theres a 33 foot one for 12 dollars with free shipping
    Perhaps a usb fan to direct the airflow, but with a grate to protect the hamster All in all you're doing great work and I support you

  2. I'm moving, gosh! Hardly have time to breathe lately. Plus I seem to have caught some kind of flu.

    There'll be new comics, keep your pants on. Or don't.

  3. If I might make a suggestion as to an adhesive/sealant for future items or products, I recently came across a product used by mariners to seal just about anything. It's a 3M product called simply "5200." It is a sealant with unsurpassed adhesive qualities. It takes 24 hours for the quickseal one to cure, and 7 days for the regular one to cure, however, once it is cured, NOTHING is going to get through it. I just used it to plug up an age old leak in my Cadillac's windshield washer tank.

  4. Ooh, good tip. If the 3M silicone sealant doesn't cut it, I'll pick up some "5200".

    Also thanks for the lead on cheap parts, Dremmen. I've been checking it out, and I probably will buy that USB cable if nothing else.

    Watch for more updates soon. Soonish, anyway. I've got that move on the 19th.